Evesham Taekwondo Classes


Aged 5- 11 years


All Ages 11 - 75 years


More Advanced Techniques

Taekwondo Classes
For Children

Children 4 to 6 years can only train if accompanied by an adult who either trains or spectates during the session

Preparing them for the modern world

We teach children in a mixed class with adults as in our experience they are more disciplined and focused in this environment. Adults exercise control and the children learn to better interact with the adults.

In certain instances children will need a slightly different training focus, and for this we separate the children and adults with their own instructors. the aim is always to aid the development of the younger student and offer them the best environment to flourish.

Our syllabus has been developed to give your child everything they need to thrive in today’s fast paced world including physical fitness, discipline, confidence through to improved self-esteem & concentration levels, working with others, focus, listening and respect. Your child will love the results they will achieve.

With over 50% of the UK now classed as overweight (28% are obese) and our, Instructors are working very hard to add a well-balanced and enjoyable fitness regime within each class alongside their martial arts. Making these classes mixed means all your family can train and progress together.


Anti-bully training helps their confidence grow

All children will learn how to cope or prevent verbal and physical bulling as a part of training. We teach world leading conflict and non-conflict resolution techniques during their classes and encourage the children to grow into young well balanced, confident, and responsible children. We believe that prevention is always better than cure.

Their safety is our priority, so all our qualified Instructors are all fully insured, DBS checked, run their lessons under a strict code of ethics and NSPCC child protection policy. There is no safer or qualified place for your child to be.

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Taekwondo Classes
For Families

Our family classes enable your whole family to train together in a safe and fun environment, with engaging lessons to help all of you hit your individual goals from your Taekwondo training.

Each member of your family who trains will gain a better sense of respect and give a platform to build a much stronger family bond.

Martial arts and fitness is taught in every class and enjoyed by all our members young and old, and your family can progress as a unit or individually.

Children sometimes develop faster than adults, especially in fitness and flexibility, but each of your family members will have their own strengths and weaknesses, and these can help tie the family together.

Where appropriate our classes will be separated with different age groups (age or grade) receiving a specific training plan from our qualified instructors to cater for different needs and guide progression.

Classes need to be tried to be fully appreciated, and you will all be warmly welcomed into our friendly training environment.

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Taekwondo Classes
For Adults

Are you looking to start a safe, martial arts class that’s guaranteed to get you fit, build confidence, improve fitness while in a friendly, enjoyable atmosphere?

At Evesham Taekwondo you will develop outstanding self-defence and martial arts techniques to the highest standard in the UK.

You and your family will not only learn proven techniques from around the world but also at a pace that is suitable to your personal needs and ability. The result will not only help grow your confidence but challenge and reward you through  progression.

Our training environment is designed to be both fun and productive and many become be addicted to the benefits of martial arts from your very first class.

Street self-defence is on everybody’s minds, with violence on the increase in the news. We can teach you how to read situations, defend yourself and your family, learning how and when to strike with precision in dangerous situations, with both non-aggressive and aggressive methods being taught. For you and your family it’s always beneficial to be prepared for any situation.

Self-Defence Classes

Self-defence involves defending your health and well-being from harm. During our self-defence classes you will learn effective methods of violent and nonviolent self-defence.

Methods you will practice are real-world proven techniques for simple but exceptionally effective results. Learn to avoid and prevent violence, verbal abuse, or when required use quick actions to escape or stop an attacker. 

We firmly believe non-violence is always the better method and will achieve a better outcome, however it’s not always possible and in these situations we teach you to defend yourself and your family using modern effective moves, against unarmed or attackers with weapons.

Street self-defence is on everybody’s minds, with violence often in the news. It can be a violent world and better to be prepared for any situation.