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Time between grading is three months up to blue belt (approx one and a half years) then six months for the remaining four to reach black belt, minimum time to reach black belt is three and a half years. From Green belt it is advised to attend minimum of two lessons per week otherwise you may find it difficult to sufficiently learn and practice the syllabus in the minimum times between gradings.

There are four gradings through the year with the exception of the black belt grading. The grading examiner will be a TAGB approved Examiner and normally a seventh Dan or higher ensuring a true independent evaluation of your progress, skill and proficiency.

Below is part of what a student needs to learn and practice for each grade, the full set of requirements are found in the book “Taekwon-do: Grading Syllabus White Belt to Black Belt” which is available from your instructor.

White belt meaning: White belt signifies innocence, as that of a beginning student, who has no previous knowledge of Tae Kwon-Do

Korean Terminology

About Turn > Dwiyro Torro
Attention > Charyot
Attention Stance > Charyot Sogi
Backwards > Dwiyro Kaggi
Bow > Kyong Ye
Dismiss > Haessan
Forwards > Apro Kaggi
Ready > Chunbi
Return To Ready Stance > Barrol
Start > Si-Jak
Stop > Goman

General Terms
Belt > Ti
Foot-Fist-Art > Tae Kwon-Do
Four Directional Punch > Sajo Jirugi
Instructor > Sabum
Student > Jeja
Training Hall > Dojang
Training Suit > Dobok

01 (One) > Hanna
02 (Two) > Dool
03 (Three) > Seth
04 (Four) > Neth
05 (Five) > Dasaul
06 (Six) > Yosaul
07 (Seven) > Ilgop
08 (Eight) > Yodoll
09 (Nine) > Ahop
10 (Ten) > Yoll

Parts of the Body
Forearm > Palmok
Forefist > Ap Joomuk
Inner Forearm > An Palmok

Sections of the Body
High Section > Nopunde
Low Section > Najunde
Middle Section > Kaunde

Parallel Stance > Narani Sogi
Sitting Stance > Annun Sogi
Walking Stance > Gunnun Sogi

Front Rising Kick > Ap Chaolligi
Obverse Punch > Baro Jirugi
Outer Forearm > Bakat Palmok
Outer Forearm Block > Bakat Palmok Makgi
Reverse Punch > Bandae Jirugi
Side Rising Kick > Yop Chaolligi

Inner Forearm Block > An Palmok Makgi


Sajo Jirugi 1 

12 Movements

Four Directional Punch 1 – Low Block

Sajo Jirugi 2 

12 Movements

Four Directional Punch 1 – Middle Block